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Iron Storm is, first and foremost, a raiding guild. We like raiding. However, we also like doing other things, so our raiding is done on a very light schedule. Currently, that schedule is 6-9pm Sun/Mon, Server (CST).

While we are generally a mature bunch, from time to time degeneracy is hilarious. While the gutter is a fine place for humor, it is expected that the tone remain jovial, and that the boundries and sensibilities of the membership be respected in general. This is no place for minors, as they may be exposed to topics and language which is best left for adulthood.

Iron Storm operates as a team, not a set of individuals who happen to show up at the same time. Selfishness is a trait that has no place. This is especially true in the realm of loot - we seek it to advance the group so we can take on harder challenges, not for personal gratification.

We aim to have a small set of raiders, in order to maximize the effectiveness of every drop and to minimize the number of members who ride the bench. Attendance is very important to this - the higher the attendance is, the smaller we can keep the roster. Leadership would appreciate fair warning on any upcoming extended absence, so that arrangements can be made so raids continue without interruption.


Being on such a light schedule, raids are run with efficiency in mind. Pulls are fast, rest is infrequent.

Not only does this result in more progression per hour of raiding, but it turns mundane trash into a meaningful challenge.

- Performance

We are merciless analysers of raid performance. The days between raids are often spent extracting every bit of knowledge we can find in the logs in order to make the next raid all that much better. It is important that members not take these analysis personally - no one is perfect and no one is above being shown where they could improve.

It is expected that members will share in the task of analysing their own performance and the performance of the raid as a whole. Members should be deeply aware of the mechanics of their class and be able to adapt to the fluid nature of the game.

Members slacking in this aspect over an extended period of time will be removed from the raid roster.

- Loot

Iron Storm employs a loot council method of distribution. It is our belief that rigid systems like DKP lack enough intelligence to both reward members for exceptional contributions and to also assign items in a manner that most benefits the group. Leadership seeks to solve this by having the decisions made by meat-computers instead of binary logic. With the trust and faith of the membership, the council will provide a thoughtful, fair, effective system of item distribution.

Leadership will make a concerted effort to have all play types represented in the council, but it may not always be possible. Being on the loot council is a major commitment, and many players don't want that out of their game. If a member would like to be considered for a seat on the council, or believes a currently seated member to be engaging in favoritism or other unsavory activities, a private message to the GM or any officer is appreciated.

It is worth noting that any item desired by a member of the loot council will not be voted on by that member, excepting in cases where that disqualifies the entire council. The GM or highest tenure officer in presence has the power to break any ties in the council, excepting, again, when they are a subject in the vote.

- The Bench

While leadership does its best to be fair about who gets benched, that cannot get in the way of putting together a viable raid group. While on the bench, it is expected that the member will be available via an easy communication channel should their presence be required. As much warning as possible will be given, but it is expected that the member will respond to a call in a timely manner.

- Required Addons

DBM or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools

- Non-official raids

Our meager schedule will be focused on either places that provide the group with the best upgrades or on progression targets. Deep-farm content are up to the members to run if desired. Those raids are expected to have the general tone of a SoT raid, but the specific rules to be applied are at the discretion of the raid organizer.